Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zippidy Doo Dah!!

We made it! 'Tis the last day of the A to Z Challenge and we have crossed the finish line, hands held high, fists in the air, broad smile for all to see. The gauntlet was tossed and we proudly picked it up. We have completed something that may seem small, but is something to be proud of.

It is accomplishment.

It is fulfillment of a promise.

Click your heels together, sing on the rooftops, dance in the streets! It is now time to celebrate and heave a sigh of relief that after thirty days we have finished what we have started.

Pin a blue ribbon to your chest, put on your best outfit, and go celebrate!


  1. Celebrate? I just want a nap. Seriously, it is an accomplishment; you are quite right.

  2. While the challenge may be over for most people, I'm still going to be visiting the remaining sites that signed up for the challenge. I've set up my own goals for meeting during this event and I've still got at least one or two left to go, even though A-Z is behind us.

    It's a pleasure to meet you via the A-Z Challenge, by the way!