Monday, April 18, 2011

One Day at a Time

My grandmother is never far from my thoughts around this time of year since she has been gone from me a year in May. While falling deep into depression and mourning once again, I reflect on the things she taught me. Or, more importantly, one thing in particular.

Grandma and Grandpa had a favorite song that also became their favorite saying: "One Day at a Time". When I was younger, I would scoff and not understand the importance of this philosophy. My future stretched before me and I eagerly sought many days: sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one, graduation of high school, college, moving away from my parents, marriage, graduation from college... It all seemed endless and bright. There was no possible way I could focus on just one day at a time!

Time and experience has given me wisdom. Now I look back on that young, naive girl and want to hit her in the head with a hard-soled shoe for not appreciating what she had each day. The time with family, the history she did not want to sit and listen to, the experience of years given freely, the love and acceptance wrapped in each hug and smile. I can see it all so clearly now and I yearn unhealthily for those days to return to me.

One day at a appreciate more.

One day at a love more.

One day at a see more than just what is in front of you.

One day at a miss those who have left even more.

So as the days draw closer to the day I lost my precious grandmother, I know I will only make it if I adhere to her advice to take it one day at a time.


  1. My Dad used to say, " As long as your name is spoken and the stories are told, you will never die." Your gram will live forever in your heart. She is always with you.

  2. When we are young, we become impatient to grow up. I know I felt that way. I was anxious to be sixteen so I could drive freely and eagerly awaited 18 so I could vote.

    And now that we're grown up, we'd do anything to be kids again because we now understand the importance of treasuring each day.