Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for Yawn

For those who do not keep up with time stamps on postings or on my Facebook, it may shock you to discover that I have clinical insomnia. Yes, I am afraid 'tis true. I stay wide awake unless I force myself to sleep...and that is not an easy thing to do. Ambien is my friend, and sometimes that does not even help.

I have tried warm milk...and promptly vomited.

Then I tried to cut out all caffeinated drinks completely. After the withdrawal wore off, I noticed that my sleep problems did not.

I tried the over-the-counter approach. I have to take so many of them at one time to get them to force me to become sleepy that I began to fear I would overdose in the quest for sleep.

If left alone, my body would go for three or four days without sleep. Then, finally then, I would fall asleep and sleep all day.

This, as you can see, is a problem.

I lay my head down and my mind simply races into all sorts of places. While this may be good for my writing muse, it is unproductive for the purpose of sleeping. I toss, I turn, my back hurts and aches. Every sound distracts.

Annoying, really...

So unless I force my mind to shut down, I do not sleep. My husband, not suffering from insomnia ever in his life, does not understand why I cannot simply just "lay down".

Oh, if it were only that simple!


  1. Every once in a while I have a little touch of this problem (just a wee touch). If I get up and do something I can barely keep my eyes open so back I go to bed and awake I am again. What gives with that? If you pop in to Magnons Meanderings in my side bar you will find that he has the insomnia problem as well. Maybe you can trade ideas on how to get some zzzzzzz's.

  2. Oh my word! That's terrible! I can't imagine living life without enough sleep.

    Have you gone to a somnologist before?

  3. BabyJohn- Or perhaps we could stay up together, haha!

    Misha- No, I haven't yet had the ability to see a somnologist though I need to. My insomnia is only getting worse and, while sleep apneas run in my family, I am terrified I will accidentally overdose on my medications just to get some sleep (very much like Heath Ledger. I very very much understand how he could end up with the cocktail in his system).