Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Education starts with Agh!

I have been debating upon a difficult choice for some time now: should I continue to try to find a job with my current bachelor degree, or give up and get a different degree? The degree I have now is in social work. If you are not aware of it, social work has an unemployment rate of 4% all by its lonesome--the highest in a single occupation.

I heave a sigh. My degree served me well when the country was affluent. I have experiences and knowledge that cannot be replaced, and I was able to achieve my dream of helping others. Alas, I still have this dream, yet I have been unemployed almost a year now (in July). I have no one to blame for losing my last employment other than myself, yet I cannot seem to find any social work positions hiring in any state! Hm, other than government, and somehow I still am lacking in experience to be hired by them.

For over a year now I have been toying with the idea of furthering my education by learning something new, something that is stable, something that will always demand expansion and qualified people to fill in the gorge. I, naturally, thought of the medical field. People will always become ill and need someone to take care of them.

A nurse perhaps? No, that would not do for me. I positively hate the sight of blood!

A doctor? Goodness, no! That's worse than a nurse on witnessing gory details!

But what?

The answer came in my younger uncle. A bright lad, he reached and outshone the entire family by seeking, and obtaining, his degree as a pharmacist. I could not be prouder of him--and more envious! Envious because even before he graduated, he was courted by employers, given the world on a silver platter, has a new house he does not have to pay for, and makes three figures a year.

Did I say envious? I am positively green!

Yet could I do the same as he? Science has never been my strong subject (hence the only grade C I have ever received). Could I keep straight all the intricate knowledge of medications and biological interactions? I am not too sure of this.

Therefore, I have lighted on the perfect solution for me: become a pharmacy technician! The best of both worlds! I do not have to have as much schooling as a pharmacist does, nor do I have to worry about quite as much science (I'll leave that to smarter people!). Instead, I can assist a pharmacist. I like this option very much, very much indeed! Not only will my starting salary be nearly $4000 more a year than I could secure with my bachelor's of social work, but I can still help people--a deep-seated desire that I will never outgrow. I have dreams of working in a small town, learning the people's names and histories, being able to greet them personally, making enough in earnings to comfortably support my family and pay back my student loans from both degrees, not being in debt any longer, and eventually being able to own a house that can be passed down to my daughter when I pass from this Earth.

Stability. It all comes down to stability. I crave it; I need it; I want to provide it for my daughter.

Today I will find out if my medical school application was accepted. If I have been deemed worthy enough to once again march down the halls with books in one hand and high expectations in the other.

I hope they say yes.


  1. I hope they do too. Good luck.

  2. I hope so too, love! You are in my prayers!

  3. Best of luck! I for one, would GLADLY re-enter school... Unfortunately it's not in the cards anytime soon.

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  4. I think it's wonderful you want to further your education and that you want to help people. I wish you the best of luck, and I really hope you can make all your dreams come true! :-)

  5. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Powerful Woman Writer Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.

  6. Deirdra-- Wow I am very honored! Thank you so much! I hope everyone who reads appreciates a lone reed's point of view as well.