Monday, May 2, 2011

The End of an Era?

I see splashed all over the news the word that Osama bin Laden has been killed by U.S. forces. No photos have been released and the body was speedily dumped (oh I'm sorry "gently eased") into the sea.

I wonder, though, if it is a political hoax?

I know I am too young to be so skeptical, but when it comes to politicians trying to be re-elected in our times there is no actual limit to what they would not do. Our current President has messed up his reputation with his voters to the point where he knew it would take nothing short of a miracle to be re-elected. Now that he will be credited as the President in the White House when bin Laden was finally killed, this is the shot in the arm that he needed.

Hm, I bet former President George W. Bush is wishing this would have happened during his administration...

This is not to take political sides. This is merely to wonder if bin Laden is truly dead. It may be morbid, but I would like to see pictures and television specials about how they identified his body. (We have television specials about everything else, why not this?)

What are your thoughts? Do you believe bin Laden is truly dead, or do you share my skepticism about this possibly being a ploy?


  1. Considering that Special OPs was involved in this mission, I think the reports we've been told about Bin Laden is most likely valid. I do not like to think that our troops would lie about a mission unless there was a highly classified reason for doing so. To add weight to the report, I would like to remind us all that troops also conducted DNA reports on Saddam to confirm his body was the real Saddam. No one wanted to kill one of his hired look-a-likes and mistake it for the real thing. As you know, DNA tests were conducted on Bin Laden's body because no one wanted to take a chance that they had the wrong guy.
    While I know many people are relieved and jubilant to know that another powerful man has been taken down, we cannot let down our guard. The war between evil and good will continue on just as it always has.

  2. You know, God forgive me, I had the same thought. I mean, how convenient is a burial at sea? No witnesses!