Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for Frazzled

I stare at my keyboard and wonder what exactly I should write for the F challenge. So very much has happened that it all swirls together in my mind.

*I received word that I was accepted into medical school. While I am estatic, I have also been inudated with financial aide paperwork!! I have filled out so many papers on the subject of our (lack of) finances that it came to a point where I simply could not bear to think of money for the rest of the night! Who knew that being unemployed would assist me into receiving a better education, and at no cost to myself! (And please, no comments about "it's on the taxpayers' dollars" for I know this quite well, and have helped contribute toward this end for thirteen years!)

*Family comes to mind as well. Support. Lack of support. Aggravation. Love. Irritation. Wanting to push someone down a flight of stairs... (My dear friend, you know who you are and who I am thinking of the most with this!) There is no one in the world to whom we love the most, and hate the most, than our own family members. They can be our best supporters, or our worst critics. They can build us up, and tear us down. Give us confidence to fly, and clip our wings. What other phase of life do we willingly put ourselves through if not our family time? As I am fond of saying, "Parents. You can't live with them; can't be alive without them."

*I am also tempted to tell a funny story or two. Or at least it would be amusing to myself, and I could only hope it was also to you. Let me try: One day my two year old daughter took her nap. While she was sleeping, her daddy left to run a few errands. When she woke up he was not there, but she did not comment on his absence--that is, until he walked in the door. Throwing down her toys, she flung her hands into the air and pelted toward her father like a mad thing. "Daddy!" she screamed in joy as she clung to his leg. "You came back! You came back!" ... It was rather amusing.

Well, I could come up with quite a few other 'f' things, but some would not be suitable for print!


  1. Congratulations!! A good frazzled, it is!

  2. now I'm frazzled...I commented and moved on just to catch out of the corner of my eye that word verification ...comment lost....
    What I said was, Your daughter is a child of celebration.

  3. Now, now. That wasn't nice. Amusing, perhaps, but not nice! LOL ;) Great post, keep it up!

  4. Congrats on entering medical school. The road ahead will be seem long and arduous, but the months will go by quickly! Just keep your eye on the goal and stay focused. :) You'll do great!