Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Companion

Companion. When you hear the word, what conjures to your mind?
Is it a person? A spouse who knows the darkest corners of your heart and loves you anyway? A parent who has survived your ‘terrible twos’ and ‘terrifying teens’? Is it a best friend who not only can tell you what you do not want to hear, but also let you know that they love you just the same? Is it a relative that became a mentor to you as you were growing up?

Or is it pet? A dog that shows undying devotion every time you return home, and expects nothing more in return than treats and food? Is it a bird that sings you to sleep and sometimes may talk back to you? Is it a cat that comforts your every fear and lets you rediscover your sense of self-worth?

Is it your computer with its savvy internet connection that feels like a lifeline to the outside world? Is it a good book that is creased with use from sitting curled up with the story? Is it your gaming system that permits you to escape and have control over the ‘bad guys’ of the world, real or imaginary?

Whatever your companion may be, they never vie for affection since each has its own place and time. Everyone and everything contributes to shaping us into who we are and how we see our world. Without our companions we would be two dimensional and lifeless.

My companions are many and serve many uses, yet each is irreplaceable to me. I dedicate myself to protecting and loving them in return. My books that provided an escape from my tormentors as I grew older. My cat(s) that showed me that, even though they loved me, they would not permit smothering in the relationship. My childhood best friend who taught me that friends are to be shared. My best friends in college who gave me many hard lessons, but helped the medicine with a spoonful of sugar. My parents taught me numerous things, both positive and negative. And my husband has taught me that while love can sometimes be a two-edged sword, it is worth fighting for.
To all my companions—my love and respect.


  1. My best companions have been cats and offence hubby....

  2. You have always been one of my most treasured companions! :)

    Excellent post- and I see you got the paragraphs to behave. Looking forward to tomorrow's! :)

  3. Nice reflection. I think we all have many companions. The way I see it is that a companion is the one who is accompanying us on the current part of our journey through. A good companion is a joy to have.

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    Thanks. And I truly appreciate your efforts.

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