Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Some of you have wondered what happened to me since I disappeared, quite literally, from here. Life happened, I suppose.

My husband has filed for divorce and is trying to take my daughter from me, claiming I am "unfit". If I were, I'd be the first to admit it.
Life is extremely stressful and hard right now. I am trying to focus on improving my relationship with my daughter and fighting to protect her. With how things are right now, I'm afraid all my writings would be dark and angry, and you guys do not deserve that.

Also, friendships have been broken that were once dear. It seems as if I am buried right now and the only one who can save me is the precious angel I hold in my arms...for now.

God help me if he wins her from me, for I do not know how to survive without her...

I would not mind venting on here with my writings, but am afraid that he could somehow use it against me in the custody battle, so for now and until the hearing at the end of this month, I do not dare. Perhaps after then I can feel more free to do so, but I can't risk losing her due to hurt or angry feelings on my account in a public setting.