Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for Blasphemy!

As I enter the second day of this A to Z Challenge, I am presented with a rather timely blog: the blasphemy of the written word. No, this is not another rant on tomes vs ebook (see a previous entry for that), but rather for the absolutely horrendous thing I saw at the bookstore yesterday afternoon. There I was, innocently browsing through crisp, shiny new novels, when my husband approaches, daughter in tow. I was already perusing a book I wished to purchase and was not paying much attention to him as he came to me. "Here," he says, pushing a large paperback at me. "I thought you might be interested in this." I glance up...and nearly emptied my stomach at the title. I don't believe I can put the actual title on here for fear of retribution, but let me just tell you: a Jane Austen novel....with vampires.* Vampires! Can you believe it? The authors listed were the new author and Jane Austen herself. I do believe if Miss Austen saw the grievous misjustice her books have been subjected to, she just might turn vampire and slay those who dared such an insult! I was talking to a dear friend about this and she said, "Oh yes, and there is also one that mixes Pride and Prejudice with zombies". Zombies? Are they out of their mind???? How do they DARE corrupt such wonderful words? How can something so ridiculous actually make print?! I was so outraged by the book I saw that I nearly took a match to it--and I am completely against burning books!!! This is blasphemy! An outrage! A misuse of everything literature lovers hold dear! I say we protest this "latest trend" and take our historical classics back! Who is with me??? *Let me just state for the record, I have nothing against vampires or zombies or Jane Austen. If you would care to know, I have a published book that involves vampires. It is merely the combination of these that is so insulting!


  1. Well I like Jane Austin...not so keen on the zombies and the vampires although I can see how they might work together....sort of..... I guess as long as it gets someone reading......

  2. Apologies on the misprint. I was up late typing this and misspelled Jane Austen. That has now been corrected.

    And I also apologize for the huge, unparagraphed blogs. I constantly go back and edit them but then it remains the same huge lump. My blog does not like me...

  3. It's a parody. It's supposed to be inherently ridiculous.

  4. On your post options, make sure the box "press Enter for line breaks" is checked, and not the "br tags" one. That might be your problem.

  5. I'm with you. Maybe I'll write about the travesty on T day.

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