Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Injustice to the Fairer Sex

Have you ever noticed that our society is full of prejudices?  It seems like everything tends to reminds women that even with the right to vote we still are just not equal.

For instance, take something as simple as pajama pants. Sometimes women's pajama pants are fluffy ("It's so fluffy!!!"-Despicable Me) or very soft, but most of the time they are thin or made out of a material that more closely resembles burlap than sleepwear. Yes, the pants can come in pretty colors and designs, but it's almost as if the designer purposefully makes them so that the women would feel the quick need to discard them during the course of the night-- Wait...aren't most designers male? Hm, perhaps I've stumbled upon the heart of the matter...

Now, take a man's pajama pants and let us examine them, shall we? They may be ugly in color or design (or both) to the female view, but they are ROOMY, and COMFY, and SOFT, and LOOSE. I find myself either stealing my husband's pajama pants many nights, or merely outright buying a man's pair of pajama pants for myself.

To emphasize this point, I very recently acquired a pair of men's Star Wars pajama pant bottoms at the low cost of merely ten dollars. These things are basic black and white, but are so completely comfortable that I never want to take them off! For a woman to get the same level of comfort and ease, usually the pajamas are a designer label and cost at least double what I paid!

This is a terrible travesty! I say we women stop meekly accepting the burlap we are given and demand the same level of comfort at the same cost as men! If we unite and storm our government centers, we will no longer be ignored! Let us tell our elected officials that we women are taking a stand and let us make our fore-mother's proud!

Let us declare every night a comfortable victory!

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