Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am a Poet and Did not know it, What?

When I just cannot get the right words to come, they always come to me in prose and poetry. Therefore, most of my poems have been called "gloomy" or even "depressing" it is.


You think you know me, but you don’t
I am not what you think of me
I am not wet clay anymore
I have molded myself to be stronger
Forged in the fires of your making but tempered by inner resolve
I am rough and unglazed, unfinished, but I am stronger

You think you see me, but you don’t

I am not the weak link in your chain
I have emerged from the confines of your space
I fly and soar on my own two wings
Catching the wind on the currents of my own destiny
I may falter and glide rather than fly, but I am stronger

You believe you can guess me, but you can’t

I am not the box for Pandora to open
I have broken from the guidelines of the story
I walk with a crown and my head high among the crowd
Vilify me in your rendition and cover my body with scales
Yet my prince still comes for me and makes me stronger

I am not you, I am me
I sing my own tune ~ dance my own steps
Depress me ~ Condemn me
Hate me ~ Love me
No matter what you try to do to me, I can be stronger


  1. I don't see this poem as depressing or gloomy. It is resilient. It shows that you are not going to back down anymore.

  2. This poem gets an interesting twist when read with the idea of the speaker saying these sentiments to their own inner self. That is, the side of them which presents the negative or doubtful, etc. This is not to say that I encourage the splitting of personalities, necessarily, but that's rather the impression I felt when I read it over a second time. I would like to say some of these things to my own negative self of my past. "I am not you, I am me". Excellent show of confidence and perseverance without attitude or rebellion.