Saturday, August 13, 2011

Busier than a Bee...or Would that be an Ant?

I am sure you have noticed that I am not posting near as much as I was. This is due to several things in my life, but the most pressing is my re-entering the world of academia.

I decided to try to finish my master's degree this time. While I am enjoying having homework again (yes, I said 'enjoy'...I am truly a nerd!) and showing my daughter an example of time management, it takes away from my creativity with my blog. By the time I am finished with papers and assignments, I feel like a dried up sponge. This is reflecting well in my grades (a 96 thus far in my Intro class), but horribly in the creative community.

So I thought I would pose a question to the void: Does anyone have any advice on balancing my creativity and my homework? Any sage words of wisdom in helping me figure out how to bolster my flagging muse while my nerd side kicks it into full gear?

Any thoughts could help, and be most appreciated!


  1. You could post at the end of each week about your classes and progress and interesting asides that happened. Sort of a recap. We are all interested.

  2. Truly? You wish me to blog each week about my classes and progress? You would not find that too terribly boring? Do keep in mind that I am a nerd at heart, proud of the fact, and some of my "joys" and "interesting asides" will probably be things that others would either shrug off or not find exciting at all.

    But if you truly wish it, then your wish is my command!